MARA COLTS Football is a non-profit organization that provides life enriching athletic opportunities to children. . MARA COLTS FOOTBALL makes a positive difference in the lives of youth in our community.

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 Sat 05/11/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Matthews, Field 1 on PF2 6:00p 6:59p  >Flag Football>Teeny Mite (TnM)_F> TnM Grey - Berton Game TnM Black - Bridges TnM Grey wins by forfeit. TnM Black - not enough players  JD 
8:00p 9:00p  >Flag Football>Tiny Mite (TM)_F> TM Black - Aubin Game TM Grey - Ferrara   JD 
matthews, Field 2 on Main Field 6:00p 6:59p  >Flag Football>Pee Wee (PW)_F> PW Navy - Carr Game PW Royal - Williams   JD 
8:00p 8:59p JB >Flag Football>Pee Wee (PW)_F> PW Grey - Chase Game PW Red - Brown   JD 
matthews, Field 3 on Main Field 6:00p 6:59p JS >Flag Football>Mitey Mite (MM)_F> MM Royal - Burnam Game MM Black - Dean   JD 
8:00p 8:59p JS >Flag Football>Pee Wee (PW)_F> PW Black - Hames Game PW Green - Bright   JD 
matthews, Field 4 on PF1 6:00p 6:59p AB >Flag Football>Teeny Mite (TnM)_F> TnM Red - Swatsworth Game TnM Royal - Hall   JD 
8:00p 8:59p WK >Flag Football>Junior Pee Wee (JPW)_F> JPW Red - Williams Game JPW Grey - Hinton   JD 
matthews, Field 5 on PF1 6:00p 7:00p MB >Flag Football>Tiny Mite (TM)_F> TM Red - Krasen Game TM Royal - Schmidt   JD 
8:00p 8:59p AB >Flag Football>Junior Pee Wee (JPW)_F> JPW Royal - Carr Game JPW Green - Smith   JD 
matthews, Field 6 on PF1 6:00p 6:59p WK >Flag Football>Mitey Mite (MM)_F> MM Grey - Hinton Game MM Red - Smith   JD 
8:00p 8:59p MB >Flag Football>Junior Pee Wee (JPW)_F> JPW Black - Hall Game JPW Navy - Spicer   JD